What is POSY?
POSY is a cloud-based online cashier or point of sale (POS) application that can help sales activities in your store, so you can access and monitor store sales transactions anywhere and anytime.
How to register for POSY?
For new users:
Please download the POSY application on the Play Store. Select sign up - follow the next steps such as filling in your cellphone number to receive the OTP code, creating a PIN to filling in store data. If everything is filled in, you can use the POSY application.

For existing users:
Please select login and then input your PIN. You can directly use the POSY application after.

How do I create, add, or modify products/ items?
When in the main display of the POSY application, please select an mPOS menu. It will appear another submenu to select, a Manage Products. After that you can create, add, and change products/ items.
What devices/devices are needed to operate the POSY application?
You just need to use an Android smartphone or tablet and a bluetooth printer to operate POSY.
How do I connect the POSY App to the printer?
When in the main display of the POSY application from the Settings menu, please select a Printer, then in the upper right corner you can add a printer to be connected. Don't forget to first pair the bluetooth between your smartphone or tablet and the printer.
What printers can connect to the POSY App?
Currently the printer that can be connected to the POSY application is a bluetooth printer.
Are there specific device/device specifications for downloading the POSY App?
The POSY application can run on Android smartphones and tablets with a minimum specification of Android OS 7 and RAM 2 GB
In using the POSY application, should I always be connected to the internet?
For the sake of smooth transactions in your store, it is recommended to always be connected to an internet connection.
Can the POSY application be used for any type of business?
Currently, the POSY application can be used for this a type of retail business.
If I am interested in using the POSY application, what should I do?
POSY can be downloaded in the Play Store. Please register and enjoy the service features from POSY. After your registration, our Sales team will contact you immediately.
Is there a fee if I want to use the POSY app?
Yes, only IDR 59.000 will be charged if you want to continue subscribing to mPOS from POSY.
Can POSY guarantee my business/business data?
Yes, POSY guarantees your business data. And as long as you use the POSY application, your business data will always be saved.
If I find a problem, where should I contact?
You can contact our call center at 0821 2527 0900
Why should I choose POSY?
POSY provides the best choice of features to help you, at a very affordable cost POSY hopes to participate in developing your business or business with a digital touch.
Just IDR 59k per month!
And I am on your tablet and mobile phone
30 days free trial
Leave your contact number and we will Whatsapp to discuss details
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