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Reach more customers and get more orders with delivery orders from Posy Resto
Delivery Order
POS with Delivery Order Feature
Easy Delivery With No App
Posy Resto simplifies the delivery order process between you and your customers, eliminating the need for a third-party app
No Platform Commission Fee
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Free Delivery until 31 January 2024
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Many restaurants across Indonesia already use the Delivery Order feature and enjoy its benefits
How Posy Resto Delivery Order Works
Step 7
Order completed
Step 6
Courier will pick up and deliver orders
Step 5
The restaurant prepares food
Step 4
The customer pays the order
Step 3
Restaurant processes the order
Step 2
Customers choose and order food
Step 1
Customers access Posy Resto's website through the ordering link
Advantages of Posy Resto's Delivery Order Feature
Now, you can build a direct relationship with your customers by having them order directly from you instead of through a delivery app
Merchant Benefits
Easy and fast registration process
Free commission fee
Real-time order tracking
No need to find a courier because it is integrated with the delivery service
Orders are recorded as they are integrated with Posy Resto's POS system
Free restaurant promotion on the Posy Resto website and social media
Manage all orders in one place without different applications
Customer Benefits
Free delivery
Order food with one convenient link without the need to use an app
Payment using QRIS and e-wallet
Real-time order and delivery notifications
Food prices are the same as dine-in prices
Reach More Customers, Get More Orders
No platform commission fee
Free Shipping
Promo valid until 31 January 2024
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