Gain More Profit
with a Complete
POS System
Posy Resto has complete features that improve service quality, optimize operations, and maximize profits
Kitchen Display
The kitchen display system simplifies order management and inventory control, making restaurants more productive and profitable.
Point of Sales
Manage every order with an integrated system. Maximize profits with order management, shift management, and table management.
Digital Menu
You can track your orders easily with a Digital Menu and self-ordering service. Work at the resto is more efficient, and productivity increases.
Posy Resto vs Other POS
POS Lain
Integrated POS
Delivery service
Complete payment with QRIS
24/7 support
Why use Posy Resto?
20 X
Profits increase with Online Delivery.
More accurate with digitized and integrated features.
Reduced restaurant labour costs.
Posy Resto subscriptions start Rp3.500/Day
Posy Lite
/ 3 Months
Suitable for businesses with one outlet.
/ 3 Months
Suitable for medium and large F&B businesses.
Most Popular
Starter Kit
/ 6 Months
Full features with quality hardware to improve business efficiency.
Advance Kit
/ 6 Months
Full features with advanced hardware to improve business performance.
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F&B businesses across Indonesia are already using Posy Resto
Increase your profits with Posy Resto
"Can get multi-outlet services without additional charges."
D'Isam Cafe & Resto, Luwu Timur
"Premium features and the access to digital menu without any extra fees."
Terali Kopi, Bekasi
"Can manage multiple outlets in one account."
Dapoer Kokem Indonesia, Banyumas
"Cheaper prices with top-notch features compared to other POS systems."
The Colony Hotel, Bali
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